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“A dream craftsman for over 40 years, Philippe Tournaire establishes his rules of harmony. He is one of those whose work is not to tirelessly apply what he has learned, but to create and invent new jewelry by adapting to the most diverse techniques. » The jewelry artist, Philippe Tournaire, and the artisan cutler, Manu Laplace, have combined their know-how to perfection, by creating two unique lines of knives. This association gave birth to two lines of exceptional knives which bring together 3 artisanal techniques: that of the cutler, the cabinetmaker and the jeweler “The 1515” is a concept. The idea is to meet people to establish a partnership with a brand, an artist, a friend...I remember my meeting with Philippe Tournaire, he made me evolve, remove the barriers that we put on ourselves sometimes without knowing why. And that’s how we imagined and created a 1515® set with 54 diamonds. The encounter with 1515 saw the creation of a first tool with an old walnut handle, set with 3 diamonds contained in white gold settings and a Damascus steel blade, a “thousand leaf of steel” giving playing patterns on different colors and similar to the contour lines found on maps. A second exclusive object has seen the light of day, a Damascus blade and a walnut handle set on the edge with 54 diamonds, an achievement which is the fruit of the reflection of two visionary and limitless craftsmen.