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Knife maker

Manu Laplace combines meticulousness and refinement to create exceptional knives: Damascus folding knife, premium kitchen knife, pocket knife, fixed blade, etc.
Made in France and passed down from generation to generation,

Manu Laplace knives reflect a history associated with the mastery of precision steel technology.
In constant search for beauty and excellence, pushes refinement and technicality into every detail, every element of the knife.
Offering damask blades, laminated steel, with unique changing reflections that stand out in the singularity.
Manu Laplace workshops in Thiers welcome you to discover our collections. We are committed to share our passion for cutlery and fine craftsmanship in related fields such as leather goods to offer you exceptional boxes as well as belt, for example.
Knife maker visuel

The handcrafted folding knife by Manu Laplace

The handmade folding knife is essential to be autonomous during outings in the forest or in the mountains. The damaskus folding knife accompanies you everywhere and in all weathers. Essential for cutting cheese and meat, it will reflect your refinement, your elegance and your attachment to French unique know-how. Passed down from generation to generation or offered on the occasion of an anniversary, the Manu Laplace damaskus folding knife is a beautiful work that lasts and that will be kept throughout one's life.

The premium kitchen knife by Manu Laplace

Manu Laplace creates a new collection of high-end kitchen knives, for professional cooks, chefs and gastronomy enthusiasts. Cut, emboss, slice, as you wish and with elegance. A knife that represent yourself, precision and refinement in the kitchen, in the dishes and in the presence. The thoroughness and technicality brought to each of our knives make them exceptional high-end kitchen knives. Their materials, ebony woods or bone handles, engravings and inlays, every detail is there to create more than a kitchen knife: a beautiful work of French manufacture.

The table knife by Manu Laplace

Discover the different collections of table knives, to set up a refined table, full of character, announcing an exceptional dinner. Our table knives will decorate your services, a warm grip provided by the choice of materials constituting the handle and an edge for cutting meat in one go.

The French-made handcrafted knife by Manu Laplace

Browse our collections to find the French-made handcrafted knife that matches your lifestyle, your passions, your palm size and your character. Manu Laplace explores different territories for inspirations from Africa, and wild nature. He explores the work of rare materials such as warthog teeth or mammoth molars. He also explores all the crafts revolving around cutlery for exceptional collaborations. A know-how passed down from generation to generation, associated with limitless creativity, a love for detail and refinement, which Manu Laplace masters to offer you a beautiful work that will accompany you throughout your life. Each detail is refined and gives an incomparable elegance to your knife signed Manu Laplace.

Offer a French handmade knife designed by Manu Laplace

Giving a French handmade knife as a gift to your loved ones, choosing the one that best suits it, is paying your attention to the details that make your loved ones unique. Let's define together the characteristics of the Damascus folding knife or the high-end kitchen knife that will make its owner proud. A past master in handling Damascus steel, Manu Laplace is internationally renowned for the beauty of his handcrafted Damascus folding knives. By deciding to offer a French-made knife imagined by this exceptional artist, you will show your loved one how much he or she means to you. Make your selection from our damascus folding knife collections and be sure to please.