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The Origin

I was born on 11 January 1971 in Clermont Ferrand, my early childhood was like a movie at my grandparents’ house. I think the passion was born in them. I am the grandson of Guy COGNET and the great-grandson of Gaston COGNET the creator of the DOUK DOUK that my uncle Pierre COGNET keeps living today. After a CAP in auto mechanics, and an engagement in the navy on a minehunter, here I am again in Thiers in front of machines, polishing pieces of table cutlery for hours, but the desire to be my own boss quickly became obvious. I set up a first assembly workshop in Laguioles, then with the help of my father, my mother and I opened La Coutellerie François 1. The place where 1515 was born. Yes, 1515 Marignan, Marignan François 1, the loop was complete. This is the only date in French history that we learned by heart. The creation of 1515 was an unforgettable moment, I was in full bloom..., my son Louis was just born, so I gave birth too. Pure happiness, finally I was going to be judged by my peers... Very quickly the desire to develop my work kept me busy day and night. Perfecting, improving, always questioning myself, meeting other craftsmen, being interested in other fields. Cabinetmaking, jewellery, weapon engraving, all these professions gave me a wisdom and a beautiful experience that can be felt in my work.